Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

La Redoute, Lou

Géraldine Nakache

QUAD Stories

This three-minute film features a 14-year-old girl, Lou, who lives one week out of two at her father's house in total complicity, until the day her father's new friend moves in with them. With subtlety and accuracy, the film describes the new tensions that are created between the father and his daughter around the newcomer she rejects. Little by little, this newcomer, thanks to La Redoute, will find her place in the heart of the young girl and the enlarged new blended family. Concluding with the sentence "We have never had so much need to learn how to live together", which resonates all the more in these troubled times for Covid-19, the film powerfully echoes the daily life of the families with emotion and authenticity, carried by Pomme's song "Une minute". A successful first advertising film, with a strong acting direction, for feature film director Geraldine Nakache who was seduced by this project in which she has been involved since writing.

First casting director, then assistant director and executive producer, Géraldine made her debut on television where she learned to write and refine sketches. Her acting career has allowed her to hone her directing skills and her understanding of actors. She quickly turned to feature film to write and direct her first film, All That Glitters (2010), followed by Nous York (2012) and I'll Go Where You Go (2019).