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Master Peace, I Might Be Fake

Freddie Cattaneo

House of Fire

The track, ‘I Might Be Fake’, is about pretending to be something that you’re not in order to succeed. Therefore, I wanted to place Master Peace in an unfamiliar world which he could only navigate by using deceit. Given Master Peace's image, the infamous, controversial world of greyhound racing seemed fitting due to it’s association (or stereotype) with a predominately white, working class Britain. In addition, the track has a hyper, manic energy which I felt would be aptly personified in the scampering liveliness of the greyhounds and the volatile nature of betting itself. To create comic irony, I decided to juxtapose Master Peace’s braggadocious attitude in I Might Be Fake - presented in lyrics such as “I know how to deal” and “I know my time is coming” - with a narrative where, despite expecting the opposite, everything goes awry. Early Guy Ritchie films, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, were referenced in terms of how to build a world in the underbelly of British society with a comic, heightened tone.

I'm driven to tell stories that make everyday existence feel meaningful and magical. By investigating the commonplace moments of life, and giving them scale, I try to take ordinary situations and make them feel extraordinary. I like to set these narratives in specific worlds that act as microcosms of contemporary Britain. Stylistically, I’ll do what feels right for each scenario - Always embedded in realism but with heightened moments of visual poetry.