Flying High, Longlist - Short Film

Colin Jones, The End of Photography

Frankie Caradonna

Great Guns director Frankie Caradonna has debuted a revealing new documentary short that explores the life and work of prolific British photojournalist Colin Jones. Entitled ‘The End of Photography’, the 11-minute short features images of Colin’s work alongside footage of the photographer in his studio, discussing his views on his life and work. Growing up as a fan of Colin’s work - from his perspectives on British colonialism in The Black House to the poetic exploration of dancers and coal miners in Grafters - Frankie eventually met the iconic photojournalist in person whilst at the lab of photographic printer Robin Bell. Having always been inspired by the way in which he framed the world in front of him, Frankie set out to tell the story of Jones’ life. A ballet dancer turned photographer, Colin transitioned from performing alongside Rudolph Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn at the Royal Ballet to working for The Observer magazine, travelling the world as a photojournalist. Alongside capturing iconic portraits of The Who, Pete Townsend, and Mick Jagger at the start of their careers, Jones photographed such groundbreaking stories as the Alabama Race Riots, the Brazilian Gold Mines, the boy soldiers of Khmer Rouge, and the Cargo Cults of the New Hebrides who worshipped Prince Phillip.

Frankie is an Italian, London based artist and storyteller. As an eclectic mixed media creative with multidisciplinary skills, his interests span short and long-form content including TVCs, branded films, documentaries, feature films, art installations and new immersive forms of storytelling. He has shot films for brands such as Chrysler, Colmar Anvil and Breast Cancer Now as well as recently creating and directing films for Lamborghini and Aston Martin within the Unreal video game engine