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Whatsapp - "Just Send It"

Fenn O'Meally


Fenn O’Meally is an award winning filmmaker and journalist. With authenticity and humanity at the core of her work, Fenn combines genuine storytelling with the worlds of music, creative culture and fashion. Her work is fueled by her curiosity, love of music and photography and furthered by her personable nature and desire to share honest anecdotes of life. Fenn has directed films for some of the world’s leading brands including; Louis Vuitton, WhatsApp, Prada, Apple, Nike, BYREDO, and Chanel among many others. She’s worked with some of the industry’s most exciting artists, directing music videos for Texas and Wu-Tang Clan, JNR Williams, Jorja Smith, Lil Silva. Fenn is fast emerging as a standout talent, bringing a fresh and original voice to the world of film and advertising.Holding her own amongst an industry of established directors, Fenn certainly lives up to her Ad Age accolades and has quickly become a filmmaking force within the industry.