Flying High, Longlist - Music Video

Greentea Peng, Hu Man

Felix Brady

Stink Films

"The track is about Ego. Our identity is built up Ego. An image you create for yourself that can sometimes turn out to be false. I wanted the film to be one long journey that all means something, so everything you hear or see means something. There is a scene with a football hooligan slowly having his identity stripped from him live on camera - it’s essentially an ego death. I chose a football hooligan as the vessel for this message. He’s a prime example of compromised self and inflated ego. On the beat we slowly rid him of his identity to reveal his pure self. To achieve this we motion controlled the camera and painstakingly match-cut between different takes until it appeared seamless. The tattoos were real and removed with makeup. This is an example of using a camera technique to tell the story rather than embellish or pedestal it - that’s why this project is so special - is because all the techniques used to achieve the special moments are done in a completely symbiotic way - nothing is novel or being used for the sake of it. I also wanted to rid Aria of her Tattoos- to shed the skin of old identities so to speak. To achieve this we hacked a second camera so it wasn’t able to pick up the black pigment from tattoos and created a tattoo-less Aria. We mounted it to the side of the main camera and whacked it on a steady cam - and hey presto you got yourself a ‘match cutty, stabilized, tattoo remover thingymabob.” Aria couldn’t believe it - seeing herself on a Monitor in a way she hadn’t for years must have been a shock. You need to watch it really and make of it what you will - but everything is connected to the theme of ego." - Felix Brady

Felix Brady's style combines the best of technical wizardry and creative expression with an innovative approach that draws from traditional storytelling models. His fearlessness of cutting edge camera techniques has led to numerous global brands and artists, as well as global recognition among his peers.