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Gold Token

Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah

Greenpoint Pictures

"Gold Token" is an experimental musical poem that explores Black ancestry, culture and cyclical growing pains.

Director Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah is a visual and emotional storyteller. An artist in every sense of the word, her passion for film was born from the desire to translate her written poetry to the screen. Her work is well crafted and expertly choreographed, but her multilevel commitment to representation is what sets her apart as a filmmaker. Beyond her own directing work, she runs The Melacast Network, a platform focused on connecting BIPOC actors, directors, and crew of color with the opportunities, talent, and resources needed to tell culturally rich and diverse stories in flm. Her work has been recognized by Fusion Film Festival, Raindance Festival, Cinequest, Toronto Black Film Festival, NFFTY, among others. Her short flm “To the Girl That Looks Like Me” was a 2020 Student Academy Awards finalist and part of the Scene in Color Film Series, championed by producer Will Packer.