Flying High, Longlist - Animation
Shortlist - Animation
Winner - Gold

Netflix - Love, Death + Robots, All Through the House

Elliot Dear

Blink Industries

To make an epic Christmas/horror story in stop motion with a real 'rug pull' moment. We wanted to contrast the nostalgic feeling of childhood Christmas films with creepy non-child friendly creatures, using techniques from old school film makers; we wanted to re-create a pre-CG creature horror with a modern twist.

Elliot Dear is an almost indecently talented animator, illustrator and director. His dazzling mixed media films are consistently groundbreaking, emotive and atmospheric. Elliot’s work displays a range and skillset rarely seen. Incorporating live action, stop motion and both hand-drawn and 3D animation, his films feel like a throwback to the golden age of animation, whilst managing to be utterly contemporary and cutting-edge.