In The Making, Longlist - Music Video

David Lindmer, Omen



The starting point for the Omen video was to explore the theme of ‘doomed relationships’ and witness the nuanced moments where things take a wrong turn. So we meet Rueben, a troubled kid and ex-psychiatric patient who falls for his doctor. She should know better than to act on her feelings, but doesn't and leads him on an adventure into the unknown. Sex, drugs, first love and finally heartache, when he realises that she’s having a relationship with a colleague. And that's where we pick up the story, as Ruben sets off to find them in a club and confront them both with the truth. This journey from the club doors to the stand off on the dance floor, is the framework which all his memories hang off. From their first glances across the canteen until the end, standing alone in the rain. Bringing emotion to the forefront of the viewers’ experience was key to the storytelling and a big part of the reason why the track was so great to work on. David was a fantastic artist to engage with because of his openness to the collaborative effort of the whole piece. Early on we decided that the images shouldn’t feel like they’d just been tacked onto the track, but that there should be a reciprocal process, where the pictures enhance the music and vice versa. The feeling of both being fully bedded together was of primary importance to us.

DRUST is a director raised between Paris & London with a European sensibility to filmmaking.