Flying High, Longlist - Personal

The Lonely Goalkeeper

Andre Andreev

Dress Code

This passion project was sparked from listening to a podcast of Bob Wilson expressing his raw unfiltered truth about his anxiety of operating at the highest level of his profession, A Goalkeeper. We purchased the rights to the interview and cut it down to make this film. As for Dress Code, we have pledged to ourselves and our artists to create self initiated passion projects that allow for us to flex our creative freedom without the pushback of any brand messaging, client feedback, or strategic agenda. Our only objective is to make it look and feel memorable and leaving a sense of joy and inspiration. This is our second animated doc in the last three years. Our previous was "Coke Habit".

Dress Code is a full service creative studio heavily focused on design. We conceptualise, produce, and create visually distinct work that's not defined by a specific style nor limited to a particular medium. Our approach inherently comes from a designer's point of view, regardless of a film, animation, or mixed media approach. Production by Design.