Flying High, Longlist - Personal

Don't Do It

Lennart Brede


This idea arose from questioning what makes people tick creatively and how individuals find their inner passion and drive. I wanted to document and get close to these protagonists who each uniquely have found their passion, but in practicing it, they sacrifice part of themselves. This intensity is what I wanted to manifest and capture on film. Inspired by the Charles Bukowski poem “So you want to be a writer" narrated by Nikolai Kinski. This resonates with all of the characters as they are committed so fiercely to their art, at the expense of nothing. For the music, I wanted a very minimal reduced sound – it was composed by Wouter Rentema- Jóhann Jóhannssons long-time collaborator and Live Drummer of Bonaparte.

Lennart Brede is a Berlin-based photographer and filmmaker. With 10 years in perfecting the art of visualizing ideas, he worked with a manifold list of happy clients such as Coca Cola, Escada, VW, DB Bahn, TGV, L’Oréal, Max Factor, Nike, Sony, Jack Daniels to mention a few. In his career, Lennart had the pleasure of collaborating with artists like Isabeli Fontana, Tarsem, Paul Rodriguez, Sido, Booba, Idris Elba, and Daryl Hannah. Looking at his portfolio you’ll see that he moves comfortably through the worlds of commercials, art, film and music videos to beauty, fashion and people photography with his unique eye.