On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film - Non Fiction

Social Distance Dance Club

Danilo Parra

Riff Raff Films

Lockdown in NYC saw arts organisation Park Avenue Armory commission a covid-safe, endorphin-filled extravaganza, imagined by choreographer Steven Hoggett, Tony Award-winning set designer Christine Jones and legendary multimedia artist and musician David Bryne. ‘Social Distance Dance Club’ is a Riff Raff film directed by Danilo Parra, that captures the creation of this cathartic moment of communal release. Tune in for a serious case of FOMO, and some David Byrne-demonstrated choreo that’s likely to be coming to a dancefloor near you.

Danilo is a Chilean-American Film Director based in Brooklyn, New York who has spent many years traveling the globe working on documentary films about drugs, gangs, violence, art, cute animals and more drugs. Now he’s staying away from druggies and making scripted films and TV for brands such as Apple, Vice, Guardian, Vogue, Intel, Warner Brothers, Art+Commerce, among others all inspired by his internal and external journeys. Life is so weird and unpredictable and film is the best medium to try and capture all the beautiful chaos, so this is what he’ll probably do until he’s at least 125 years old. Then he’ll find something else.