On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

Perfectly Imperfect

Dan French

Papaya Films

We wanted to shed the light on some of the negative effects of social media. It was a long process of casting real people and finding real stories, but an incredible one. Hearing so many experiences and bringing all these people together in one room. It was an incredible vibe on set, with everyone having cathartic moments and sharing their own stories. One of my favourite bits of this project was creating the symbolic visuals against the colourama backdrop. These were meant to show visually the issues that each person struggled with. I wanted to cut these throughout the narrative to give extra context to what was happening within the story. A definite favourite was sticking the social media tattoos on Cee Cee. I feel like it created a memorable visual that totally told the story.

Dan is interested in telling stories that make a comment on society. He loves cinema that makes a lasting impact on the viewer, making them think about a subject in a new way. He is, however, pretty versatile and finds himself drawn into various different styles of project having directed comedy through to fast action dance music videos. Dan is a true believer that concept is key and if there's a good idea, he's drawn into the anything. https://papaya-films.com/directors/dan-french/?category=directors-music-videos https://www.danthomasfrench.com/ https://www.instagram.com/danthomasfrench/