Flying High, Longlist - Commercial

FIFA Arena, Launch Trailer

Craig Moore


This project was really fun with some lovely youthful elements and creative transitions that allowed us to flow through the film like a ball through the midfield. I wanted to achieve the same fluidity as a winning streak where things happen seamlessly as you progress. Creative transitions are synonymous with the FIFA brand and this was another great opportunity to have some fun with this aspect of the film. The actors, Kieren, Chase and Jonny all gave brilliant performances that not only brought their respective characters to life, but also provided us with some online social assets for their platforms and gamer tags. It was a fun day with an intense schedule. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this to life. Thanks Mark and his team at FIFA, Charlie and Tim at RTN, and to the FAM and my crew: Sara, Callan, Emma, Tom, Zoe, Joce, Alex, Jelani and Blake. Appreciate you all and the value you each added to the different stages of project.

Meet the original South African cowboy. Riding his trusty steed (a dirt bike) across the wide open plains with his FAMILIA brother, Francis Wallis. Craig has always been drawn to cowboy culture, and feels most at home in nature. When he’s not on set shooting he’s surfing/hiking/biking/moving through the great outdoors. This innate understanding of movement has made him a prolific director working across music videos, sport and fashion, where the power of the body is vital. Blended with his musical, guitar playing background, Craig’s films have an infectious energy. There’s an unmistakable freshness to his work, that sucks the audience into every film and makes them feel alive. Like, reaching the summit of a mountain, taking a huge gulp of fresh air alive. Inspired by the music video gods, Chris Cunningham and Spike Jonze, Craig always wanted to craft the story behind music videos. Directing was a natural progression from here. Craig’s first music video, The Renegade by Friend Within, won a UKMVA placing him firmly on the map with his confident, slick cinematic style and performance focus. Working with high profile artists, from Tinie Tempah to Paloma Faith, Craig is able to get brilliant performances out of tight time frames and high pressure situations thanks to his easy going, personable nature. This has led to working with other big names, from athletes to actors. The name Ronaldo ring any bells? In keeping with the cowboy theme, Craig started making hats a few years ago, learning old millinery techniques. He now has a studio, working with felt to create custom hats. Yeehaw.