In The Making, Longlist - Personal Project


Dan Braga Ulvestad


Born and raised in Germany by her German mother, Samira Prudentos shares her insight on what it is like to be judged by her appearance while having no connection to her Caribbean side, as well her thoughts and hopes for the future. After getting to know Samira and her experiences with racism in modern day society, I felt the need to bring her story and message to the screen in the hope of adding a tiny bit of momentum to the overdue awakening happening around the world.

Dan is a Norwegian writer/director based in Berlin. He began his career as a motion designer after graduating from Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, where he won several awards for his work, such as a bronze cube at the Art Directors Club in Direction, and post-prod and editing winner at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. After working alongside some of the best in the industry on high-end projects such as lighting up the Sydney Opera House during Vivid 2017, he is now on a path to tell human stories with honesty at its heart, using the film medium as his tool. His debut documentary, ‘By the River’, a short film about the death hotels of Varanasi, India - a place where devout Hindus go in wait of death, received international attention with selections at several Oscar-qualifying film festivals, as well as broadcast on ABC Australia and shortlisted at the Young Directors Award.