In The Making, Longlist - Personal Project

Times Like These

Daisy Gaston

An experimental doc shot over the course of one year of lockdown in East London. True, raw stories and musings from East London build this piece into a poetic tribute touching on dozens of people's thoughts and experiences, from health care workers to students. The entire piece is shot on 16mm. The reasoning behind this was partly because of the aesthetic of film, yet more so, because of the nostalgic feeling the footage would evoke. Knowing that, with time, this unusual period of our lives would be only a memory. Involving the local community and gathering real stories was at the heart of the approach. The aim of the piece wasn't to deeply analyse the crisis, rather a note and respect to the many different experiences and emotions lived in my community.

Daisy Gaston is a Director and Photographer, based in London, working on projects worldwide. She has worked extensively within documentary, the music industry, NGOs and with brands. Her work aims to challenge stereotypes, drawing attention to underrepresented communities. She often explores topics that resonate with her own experiences. With a background in cinematography and photography, visual narrative is at the heart of her approach. Daisy is known for meshing high-end cinematic visuals with compelling narrative storytelling.