On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project


Christian Padron

Scheme Engine

Built around footage of Samora from childhood up to the present, and featuring a collage of men of all ages, this film explores how different conceptions of manhood show up in body, language, and sound. Vulnerability is the center of this piece. We wanted to have representations from various generations, from the elders to the babies, to think about how we're raised, what society teaches us, and how we reveal ourselves over time. Particularly: how we reveal our softness, and how we stay honest about what we go through.

Christian Padron is a filmmaker and photographer based in Harlem. A Parsons photographic scholar and MFA graduate, Christian’s work celebrates culture while addressing our complicated status in society at large. For Spotify, Christian wrote and directed “Music Is Black History,” a film that highlights six under-celebrated moments and figures in history. Christian wrote and directed "The Veil” for the Magnum Foundation, a lush portrait of contemporary Harlem. In 2017, Christian was a winner of Redefining the Image of Black Masculinity, an Aperture competition organised with the Campaign for Black Male Achievement.