On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project

Balmain, Wild

Cat with Knife


Contrasts in everything are the main driving force of this video, where the combination of opposites creates sudden but graceful rhymes. The video is inspired by previous Balmain collections, eclecticism of the 90s and post-Soviet textures. This is a spec commercial that we created and financed on our own, independently. Editing, graphics and animation were made by us – CAT WITH KNIFE directors duo.

CAT WITH KNIFE is a directing and cinematography duo by Theo Gradoboev and Daniel Zlobin from Russia, formed to create interesting and beautiful works in short form: music videos, fashion and commercials. Combining the skills of directors and cinematographers, they enjoy finding visual solutions and forms that become an integral part of the story, meaning and emotional charge. Cinematic approach is important to them, as well as focus on the story and characters, meaning that for them each video is a small independent artwork - film. Both directors have rather different tastes and stylistic preferences in film and art. This does not create disharmony, but on the contrary - in the process of finding balance and solving creative problems, they create a new vision and unusual solutions.