Flying High, Longlist - Music Video


Camille Summers-Valli

Somesuch x Division

Taken from an interview with 1.4: The brief was fairly open, yes (like all the best ones). BADBADNOTGOOD wanted to do something with horse dressage. Which was where this begun. As I looked into it, I found horse dressage very formal. The horses felt really disciplined and controlled which I honestly struggled to fit with all the track. So that’s where I chose to explore the horse in many forms. And really wanted to build this feeling of the horse being the protagonist. Something that everyone was chasing. A really beautiful horse that wants to get away from us horrible humans...

Camille Summers-Valli is a director, artist and fashion photographer. Her work has a sensory, photographic style, inspired equally by fashion, nature and documentary activism. Camille’s rise to fame came in 2015 when she released her debut film ‘Big Mountain’ in collaboration with the ICA and MoMA, a film that explores the experiences of a small Navajo community as they try to remain in their ancestral homelands after a wave of evictions. This was followed by 'All That Is', explored the subject of love, in all its ecstasy, difficulty and doubt. The film premiered at Sheffield doc fest and Cannes Voice of a Woman in 2017. Camille also directed music videos and fashion campaigns for clients such as Chanel, Gucci Bloom, Dazed Beauty, Hot Chip, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney. Since working with Somesuch, Camille has directed standout work including ‘Still I Rise’, a rousing commercial for the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development, featuring the voice of Maya Angelou, ‘The Truth Takes A Journalist’ for New York Times, and ‘Besides April’ for BadBadNotGood alongside fashion campaigns for Jean Paul Gaultier and Hermes. Camille is a Central Saint Martins alumna. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, raised in Nepal, she is currently based in Berlin.