On The Cusp, Longlist - Commercial

Comfort is Our Sport

Camille Boumans


We believe that underwear should embrace your body and allow you to do sport, hang out with friends, and feel beautiful in togetherness and comfort. We wanted to capture this feeling: the enjoyment with your friends that starts with feeling comfortable in your first layer, underwear. The director believes that being comfortable leads to other positive emotions: happiness, freedom, and healthiness. It doesn't matter what your body looks or feels like – everyone deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful around their loved ones. It may seem normal to have that comfortable feeling, but during Covid, it wasn't anymore. Being able to show such moments with friends in the film – how it was before and after Covid – was a nice feeling. It was remarkable even showing people doing sport again, doing all sorts of activities we had lost during the pandemic. Having fun and hanging out with friends may not seem like a big deal, but after the lockdown, I think we all appreciate it even more.

Camille Boumans knows how to express herself in various mediums such as directing and editing. In her work, she combines modern aesthetics and intimate cinematography together with raw and experimental elements. She is a young maker who is eager to create stories, who likes to trigger the eyes of the viewer and is aware of her own style and how to use it correctly. This shows since she has been nominated for Young Guns 19 & Best Music Video during the Dutch Film Festival 2020. She quit her study at Willem de Kooning Academy in her second year, since she got the chance to work as a full-timer in film. She’s worked with top-notch brands and people. Such as Nike, Wrangler, Adidas, FIFA, Jagermeister, ELLE, UEFA, and many more.