Flying High, Longlist - Short Film - Fiction




Showing a very harsh and very current reality, "The dream" aims to send a message of encouragement and create a conversation about how the speech of "never give up" can sometimes be toxic in the fight for a dream. The short film is based on over ten thousand stories from around the world that repeat this pattern and focuses on the story of a female athlete. The short film delves into a multitude of issues of enormous relevance today: the overwhelming pressure on today's women to achieve their dreams, the toxic use of motivational rhetoric, the plight of thousands of athletes who pay too high a price to achieve their goals, and the scourge of harassment in all areas of society.

BRBR is a film collective, a family made up of a duo of directors, a cinematographer, and a few more siblings. Now they live in London, Bratislava and Madrid, yet they work together, yet they work globally. Specialising in research of the audiovisual experience, BRBR operates at the intersection of film, music and visual arts. They met in 2013, coming from a mixed background of arts and cinema, and they have worked together since then. They share a pursuit of beauty, power, craft and storytelling. They know where they are from; they have an identity, and they are local yet speak globally. They constantly want to push boundaries and explore new possibilities on how to produce and create contemporary visual culture. Their film « Heroes of today » has earned them a recognition on the global stage at film festivals and art institutions (Cannes Lions : 10 shortlists, 1 silver and 1 Gold Lion in Entertainment for Sport (Film) in 2019, Saatchi&Saatchi new Creators Showcase 2019, El Ojo Iberoamérica : Gran Ojo Sport, Best directors Latin America and 9 Gold in 2019). In an ever-changing world, BRBR is interested in finding new ways of producing, especially in the film industry, and is ready to face whatever challenges that come their way.