On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project


Bjarke Underbjerg


‘Parkinson’s’ is a short film Bjarke created in honour of his uncle who is currently battling the disease. The film offers a poignant yet uplifting take on the disease, which affects 10 million people, and stars Uncle Jan.

Bjarke Underbjerg is a talented rising director and filmmaker skilled in beautifully merging together strong narratives with delicate nuances and stunning visuals. Educated in film, philosophy, and journalism, as well as teaching film at the University of Copenhagen, Bjarke is exceptionally observant and brings a deep understanding of perceptive storytelling to his work. Bjarke has written and directed multiple films across the documentary, short film, and music video spaces. In 2017, his feature-length documentary 'Influenza' premiered at CPH:DOX, joining a handful of his short films that have had great success in festival circuits.