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Planned Parenthood, Be Seen

Bianca Poletti

Mrs. Wright

Nothing feels quite as alone as being unseen. I’ve struggled to find my own voice over the years, and so I really could relate to this campaign and the message they were trying to share. To amplify the women who feel unseen on a daily basis, and show them that they’re not alone, that community exists within Planned Parenthood, and that everyone deserves to have a voice. It was such a privilege to build these characters with the creatives on this. Truly one of my favorite jobs I’ve directed.

Bianca Poletti is an Argentine director born in San Diego, California. She is based out of Los Angeles where she graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Film Studies. As a narrative director, Bianca utilizes her passion for dance and movement to explore the many different facets of the human psyche. Her films exist in dreamlike worlds full of ethereal lighting, color, and youthful Gen Z imagery. She brings her love of fashion and architecture to her work, always implementing pieces of the story into her vivid production design. She casts with an emphasis on personality and chemistry, choosing to work with people who effortlessly add depth to story and dialogue through their unique point of view. Bianca has directed numerous music videos, commercials, and short films, with her first feature being an anthology produced by James Franco. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including Directors Library and Shots Creative. Her latest short film, FERTILE, was recently awarded Best Romantic Comedy at Indie Film Fest and Best Short at the Dumbo Film Festival. With a background in Fine Arts photography, she has shot for an extensive list of high profile clients including Sacha Baron Cohen, Sean Penn, and Zoe Saldana and was recently published in Marie Claire. Her photography lends itself to her directorial work, allowing her to create visually striking projects that are playful with a strong point of view.