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Anthony Prince Leslie

Equator Productions

Welcome to Camp Aama! Through this abstract short, we get to witness a functioning and exclusively Black resort in Upstate NY. This is a safe place for Black families to exist and experience unadulterated joy with one another. This spiritually-protected resort can only be accessed through a coded drawing, or an offering, which then transports you beyond the trees and to the resort grounds. Throughout the film, our narrator introduces us to the mystical and joyful happenings at this resort while we watch vignettes of the resort-goers enjoying each other and the land.

A Brooklyn native and first generation Jamaican-American, Anthony Prince Leslie's background in classical dance and performance guides his distinctive and rhythmic approach to film, bringing his love of movement and abstraction to the lens. Equator Creative Group, founded in 2017 by Anthony, includes Equator Productions and Equator Studios. Through this venture and with their diverse community of creative collaborators, Equator aims to tell authentic stories, bringing refreshing concepts to life for the likes of Nike, Facebook, Google, and Gucci. After completing his studies in Video Production at the Art Institute of New York City, Anthony spent the early years of his career with Vox Media developing short and long-form concepts. In 2020, he was selected as one of the featured artists for Google Creator Labs, an annual celebration of some of the most exciting global creative talents, championing work tackling today’s socio-political landscape.