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Anjuna Hartmann, Johanna Brunner

"CYCLES" is an exploration of the four phases of the female cycle, portrayed through an experimental freeride film. Each phase becomes alive and perceivable with an individual audiovisual concept. Authentic conversations among the protagonists provide deeper insights into their thoughts, experiences, and emotions, guiding the audience through each phase. This film introduces an innovative perspective to the genre by connecting freeriding with a socially relevant topic. It opens the door to a world where sport and femininity coexist in perfect harmony. "CYCLES" invites us to look at the female cycle in a completely new way and to open up the conversation on this important topic.

Johanna Brunner: My path led me through the fields of communication and media management, particularly in the sports event sector. This year I dedicated myself to producing and directing for the very special film project CYCLES. With a broad background, I see myself primarily as a connecting force, especially concerning planning, communication, and networking. Anjuna Hartmann: As a photographer and film editor, I have learned to bring stories to life through images, as well as sensitive and creative editing. These experiences have helped me develop a precise understanding of storytelling and the visual-creative aspects in film. Currently I aim to take more influence through conceptualizing and directing, to focus on other relevant issues in society that are touching me personally.