In The Making, Longlist - Personal Project

Rise Against

Alexandr Kryshtal


It’s my debut personal project which I wanted to start my director's career with. It was one long shooting day with my friends and guerilla shooting in semi documentary style, as almost everything was done for real. I decided to use seven different formats to change perception and jump from cinematic to real feeling of the story. I wanted to have absolute control of the project on every step of production, so I created the idea, directed, edited, colored and wrote music with sound design by myself. There was no budget but I had a strong desire to make this project alive. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Young director and filmmaker from Kyiv, Ukraine with a strong desire to tell stories by using unique experimental approach and his own style. One of the crucial points of his works is to convey the feeling and mood of the story and be closer to audiences' hurts, so they can not only see but also feel the story though different visual, sound and editing technics. Alex was awarded at Berlin Commercial Festival for his debut director's project RISE AGAINST in CRAFT EDITING category, also got to TOP5 in SPEC category and was shortlisted in New Generation, Craft: Cinematography, Use of Sound and Music categories this year. His vimeo page -