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Welcome Home

Alex Dunning


I’ve been going to Crystal Palace Football Club since I could walk, and my dad and uncle have had their season tickets for over 50 years. During the early stages of the pandemic, our club, like many others, was closed to the public - which for fans like us was heartbreaking. When they announced fans would be able to return in the new season I had an idea for a script - I wrote it in a morning, pulling all the references together to form an initial treatment. I knew I had someone who could get in touch with the club chairman, it was a longshot, but you never know if you don’t try. …3 hours later and an email from Steve Parish (CPFC Chairman) came through. And after an hour he had approved the script and had given the green light to production. At its heart this film is for the fans and about the fans. The supporters are the lifeblood of football and celebrating them is incredibly important. We shot the film with the help of many of the staff at the club, as well as support from the Crystal Palace Foundation in sourcing a team of excellent young women to act as our girls football team. It was made over 4 days - from Selhurst Park Stadium to Walthamstow. And we used super8 film to create the nostalgic intercutting moments which helped to tie the narrative together. Overall, it felt like I could give something back to the club that is dear to me and has brought me great joy over the years. And a film that really captures the sense of joy and anticipation that came with returning home.

There's a lot of things I could tell you. Like I grew up with 8 brothers and sisters. Or that I went to 9 schools. That I got my first D&AD at University. Or that I set an official World record with an F1 legend. But frankly, what I care about most is making great films. Films that make people wonder who did it. Films that make you feel something. Films that make you proud.