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ARCTERYX, Flow with Life

Adam William Wilson

Goodbye and Milk

Our film ‘Flow with Life’ was made for Arc'teryx, my favourite outdoor brand. For this film I really wanted to get into the macro details of the materials and pair those details with images of the body and environment. I wanted to take a more sensitive approach to making an outdoor gear film as a whole. Conceptually I wanted to explore Arc'teryx as a second skin, one that is protective, but also allows you to have as intimate and visceral of an experience in nature as you might have in your own skin. The film's main focus is on the body of a man, alone in his experiences with water and nature. I really wanted to focus on what it means to be a man and make the choice to be vulnerable. To sit on a dock in the cold and feel the environment, to stand in the rain at night and take in the soundscape. I think you have to be willing to be vulnerable if you really want to make a deeper connection with nature. You have to be vulnerable to let it sink in real deep.

Adam William Wilson is a Canadian director based in Los Angeles. Adam was educated in fine art, with a degree in sculpture and installation. His extensive career building worlds as a Production Designer, bolsters his work as a Director. With a focus on the natural world and a penchant for using new technologies, he creates emotionally driven work that explores themes of vulnerability and humanity's deep connection and responsibility with the environment.