On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project


Adam Munnings


Tasmanian-born, Berlin-based director Adam Munnings studied performing arts from a young age before launching into an international career as a model, DJ and choreographer. Taking inspiration from his time in Tokyo and then New York City, Adam is constantly inspired by subculture, community and the absurd. Since moving to Berlin to pursue a career in film, his work has been selected for the Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, Berlin Commercial and Berlin Music Video Awards and has had projects featured in Vogue Portugal, Metal Magazine, Hart & Kaltblut. Alongside music producer & DJ ElNinoDiablo, the pair host and produce a bi-monthly queer club event 'Lunchbox Candy’, a celebration of diversity, fluidity and the Berlin creative community. Adam’s strong visual aesthetic has become well sought after and he prides himself in diverse casting, dynamic storytelling and innovative concepts. Adam is a proud member of the queer community and looks forward to further becoming an influential contributor to the European creative industry.