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It’s a film about hope, about healing, but mostly about the hospital being here to help in a warmer way than people usually think. Our goal with this film was to show a kid being able to enjoy himself, live his kid’s life, while around him, his serious disease is being taken care of. The tone and the message had to be uplifting but we definitely wanted to make it work within the context of the acuteness of the kid’s disease. The hospital is not a fun place to be but it’s a place where life continues, including its bright sides. It has to, especially for a kid.

AB/CD/CD is a directing duo born in the year of grace 2009. After many years watching MTV, graphic design study and a born dead musician career, we turn body and soul into the video caprice. Everything started with Lily Allen ‘Fuck You’ promo, with our back in the days partner Arnaud Boutin. Since then we've had the chance to work with musicians that have really inspired us: Panda Bear, Breakbot, Uffie, Kavinsky, Franz Ferdinand, Sparks, Factory Floor, Royal Bloood, Kazabian, PC music… And we are collaborating with worldwide agencies for brands such as American Express, YSL, Samsung, Axe, Diesel, Smirnoff… With a few incursions into the fashion industry shooting some of the most beautiful women of our time, including Kate Upton, Barbara Palvin, Cara Delevingne, Lily Donaldson, Rosie Tapner, Crista Cober, Hollie may Saker…the best is yet to come. AB/CD/CD is based in Paris and works worldwide.