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31st July 2023
Sigur Rós
Sigur Rós invited ten filmmakers to explore their own visual interpretation of a track on the band’s new album ÁTTA. Refreshing and diverse in outcome, this experiment in creative freedom led to ten entirely different videos, and in turn, will platform a range of creators from a range of backgrounds.

This week sees the release of the first three films: 

8 directed by Icelandic artist Rúrí, renowned for her political and environmental feminist activism, and whose 1983 performance and installation ‘Rainbow I’ serves as the cover art for ÁTTA (shown above).  “Among the many gems of the album ÁTTA, it was the song ‘8’ that captivated me. It immediately connected not only to the present, but also to infinity. Catharsis – soft, melancholic, powerful and uplifting,” said Rúrí.  More information on the video here

Blóðberg directed by Johan Renck who says about his film: “I feel as nihilistic as one could regarding the future. We are powerless against our own stupidities. Some aspects of this came to merge with my impressions of the themes of Blóðberg. The music becoming a score to my own miserable thoughts, giving them beauty as only music can.”

Andrá directed by Katya Gimro X Alexey Krupnik. Katya Gimro’s quote about her film: “I wished to show how Sigur Rós is the soundtrack of our lives through happiness, pain, hope, grief, and love. The short documentary, Andrá, celebrates the way in which Sigur Rós captures and channels the humanity that unites us all.”



Sigur Rós website  


Directed by Rúrí.

Produced by Stúdíó Rúrí ehf.

Special thanks to: Sigrún Harðardóttir María Rún Jóhannsdóttir Friðþjófur Helgason


Production company: Sinestra

Directed by Johan Renck

Produced by Svana Gisla

Visual effects by Syndicate

Visual art by Mattias Malmer

Visual effects produced by Björn Benckert


Andrá By Katya Gimro

Director: Katya Gimro X Alexey Krupnik

Editor: Kirill Khandurin

Director Of Photography: Andrey Zaritskiy

Producer: Dmitrii Bocharov

Colorist: Andreas Nilsson “Superstudio”

Audio Post-Production “Even Like This”

First Assistant Camera: Gabriele Esposito

Gaffer: Aydan Crumrine

Dolly Grip: Ahmed Nazim

Audio Engineer: Amelia Palmer

Production Assistant: Marquis Gregory

Location Audio Engineer: James Hartnett

Location: Public Records