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23rd May 2022
Joie de Vivre
Title of film: Stories
Director: Alban Coret
Production Company: Clever
In our crazy brutal modern world, Alban Coret captures the emotional zest for life in his filmic ode to youth


What prompted you to make Stories?

Well, it comes from a very personal story. I lost my mum two years ago and I had the urge to transmit her message to my two little boys.

I wrote the narrative, inspired by what my mother used to tell me as a young adult on the verge of the “big world”.

I think the new generation really needs to be empowered, considering the craziness of our modern world. It must be very hard to be in your twenties today…

So it’s  a way of telling them “It’s ok. Everything’s gonna be ok. Be yourself and enjoy everything that comes out. Life is short, life is brutal. Go for it!” 

I really wanted to deliver a positive message, kind of an ode for the real. Don’t miss out on life.


Was the production straight forward?

The main challenges, production speaking, were finding the right casting. I wanted it to be authentic, with rough edges and I had the chance to find a group of friends, non-professional actors (in fact, not actors at all!) who were already in this specific mood I depicted in the film. Such nice people. A beautiful meeting.

Finding the right music track was also very important to me to get the right emotions. 

I wanted the film to be very intense, nervous, just like life.

I managed to talk about the project with Rone, a french high-profile composer, showed him some footage, and he joined us with a lot of enthusiasm.

What makes me very happy about the film is that all the team had such great fun working on it. People were literally enjoying themselves on the set and during the post production process. 

I like to think it’s because we were speaking the truth, which we all need!


Briefly, please tell us your background.

I come from the advertising industry. An ex-copywriter. I’ve always loved to tell stories, and place the human experience at the heart of my work.



Alban Coret website 




Directed by Alban Coret
Music by Rone

Production company : Clever
Producers : Paul Gazai, Paul Frey
Post-Production company : D-Factory
Post-producers : Christophe Wagnies, Nicolas Fallet

Directors of photography : Martin De Chabaneix, Alexandre Jamin, Matt Larson
Key Grip : Thomas Bigot, Helena Mayot
Gaffer : Nicolas Cadot, Theo Gely, Thomas Bayle
1st OPV Assistant: Maelle Lavillaureix, Mathias Gaume, Celine Erb
2nd OPV Assistant : Mathieu Legoupil, Leana Savio, Victor Kervern
Steadycamers : Maxime Picoche, Julien Borne
1st director assistants : Pim Caloni, Raphael Rheims
2nd director assistants : Tristan Caloni
Set Designers: Alain Delgrange, Marco Malaragni, Pierre Marie Dufour, Jaya Brouhmann, Moise Elkarout
Costume designers : Alexandra Ryzow, Yann Mahé
Casting Director : Stéphane Gaboué
Location Manager : Benjamin Laurent, Basile Tixier, Omar Somi, Sido
Head of post production : Julien Lanard, Léa Felices
Post producer assistant : Nicolas Delorme
Editor : Rachel Fourgous
Colorist : Gabriel Porier
Flame artist : Wilton Poirot
CGI : Hau NGuyen Dinh
Make-up Artists : Gaia Bernet, Eugénie Boucon
Voice-over : Sharon Mann
Location sound mixer : Aurélien Ung
Sound mixer : Nitefall
Sound Studio : Pure Sound, Régis Bouaziz, Théo Noel, Tim Swistek
Soundtrack : Brest
Labels : Infine-Music, Infine-editions, Lucile Vignaud, Didier De Raeck, MGMT
Art : Justine Mathey
Choreographer : Vinii Revlon
Fire coordinator : David FunXrider
Voice-Over Rep : Caroline Renaud