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8th February 2022
Keeping the Virtual Insanity party alive
Title of film: Junya Watanabe Man Fall/Winter 2022
Director: Masashi Muto
Production Company: North inc.
While we were researching the latest fashion films for last week’s collection (ok, one was last season) this latest rendition of Jamiroquai’s much parodied music video, Virtual Insanity, stood out. What better way than to introduce lead singerJay Kay’s fashion collaboration with Comme Des Garçons than this slick choreographed film by Masashi Muto? 1.4 asked the Japanese director how his process differed from Jonathan Glazer’s original created 26 years ago.

From Comme Des Garçons collection created in association with Jay Kay of Jamiroquai

We show Jonathan Glazer discussing how he made the original 1997 Virtual Insanity video above. Now 26 years later, Masashi Muto please tell us how you created your version.

“This 2022-23 AW collection for Junya Watanabe was a collaboration with Jay Kay, so it felt appropriate to make a homage film of Jay Kay’s famous music video Virtual Insanity.

“The film set was made inside the Comme Des Garçons office, and this is where I shot the film.

“The mood, lighting and the tone was made to match the image of  Virtual Insanity and the idea was to make it look like a one-shot film. 

“To best show the styling and the dance, I used three cameras for wide, middle and close-up shots on the optical axis so that I could add the camera movements to match with the music in post production.” 



Also click on image to see Masashi Muto’s earlier award-winning film, Fashion Blogger, which he directed and shot himself for Australian artist Rhyme and Japanese DJ producer Shinichi Osawa.


Masashi Muto website

Junya Watanabe Man Fall/Winter 2022 Film director: Masashi Muto Choreography: Takeatsu Nashimoto @nashitake Dancers: @tetsuya_enatsu @taabow919 @rihito_ttm @elli_it Still photographer: @kotsuchiya   Rhyme So - Fashion Blogger Director: Masashi Muto Story: Masashi Muto, Nao Koseki Production Company: Good Rock, Tokyo