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2nd February 2022
Vicious circle
Title of film: Iniquity
Director: Oliver Goodrum
Production Company: Goodrum Film and Radioaktive Film
Director Oliver Goodrum and writer Alexander Craig revisit the true story behind their acclaimed 2012 short This is Vanity to bring us a second installment from a very different point of view - the life of the aggressor ten years on. 1.4 talks to the director about the challenges of making Iniquity and the allure of darker stories.


This is Vanity and Iniquity are both based on the same true story. How did you come across this story, and what made you want to tell it?

I discovered the story via a BBC News article, years after it had happened, at a time when I was coming to understand my taste for dark and complex kinds of stories. It just really captivated me, filled me with rage and stayed with me as it’s such a heart breaking and complicated story full of injustice. In addition to this the reversal of opinion I had when actually reading the article – about the perpetrator as a victim in his own right – felt like it could be a great film experience for the audience and so the adaptation started from there.


The first short, This is Vanity, released in 2012, was critically acclaimed and won at various festivals. Iniquity continues the story ten years later, this time from the perspective of Michael. Did you always have plans to make another film? What made you want to continue it now? 

Yes and no. We had the idea of a trilogy when we wrote Vanity in 2012 and made attempts to write it in 2013 but it fizzled out. We wrote together in the years after that and in 2019 we were looking for something new and it just felt like time to give it a go again.



How has your directing process changed in the 10 years since the release of This is Vanity? Did the success of the first film add pressure to making Iniquity?

It added to the pressure a little bit but there was plenty already there. My process was pretty similar to the first one really, just more confident and refined with the intervening years’ experience.


How did you meet writer Alexander Craig? What do you enjoy about working together?

We were mates first, meeting through our girlfriends at the time and eventually it evolved into a working relationship. That probably makes it fairly unusual but we’re really productive and get into a lot of depth, which is great. 


The violence and pyrotechnics must have posed practical difficulties during filming. What were the challenges of making Iniquity?

Yes, they did!  The most challenging moment, I think (well, everything is challenging on a short film), was the crowd scene with the burning posters – it had a lot of moving parts and had serious health and safety issues to negotiate.



You’re very good at telling dark stories. Alongside the tragedy of This is Vanity and Iniquity, one of your most talked-about pieces of commercial work is “Float to Live” for the RNLI, a striking warning about cold water shock. Do you feel drawn to darker subjects?

I do and that’s probably something I should dig into in my therapy! They’re the stories I like to consume. I feel comfortable in that headspace and feel like it’s part of the human experience and shouldn’t be ignored.


Have you always felt compelled to tell stories? Did you grow up in a creative environment?

Yeah my dad was a dodgy insurance broker, creative with all the official practices that entailed … We drew a lot as kids, lots of war, explosions and soldiers being blown to pieces on those old reams of computer paper that you could stretch out for metres. I had no idea about the mechanics of film as a kid and teenager though – I don’t think I knew what a director and producer were until I was 25 years old.


What are you working on next? Can we be hopeful for another installment of the This is Vanity series?

Maybe but there’s nothing in the works. At the moment I’m trying to start something new, just looking for stories and playing with a few ideas.


Are you signed to a production company?

Right now I’m not, but I am looking…


Interview by Becca Nichols


Oliver Goodrum website  


Radioaktive Films website

Alexander Craig website 




Director: Oliver Goodrum

Writers: Alexander Craig (alexander-craig.com) & Oliver Goodrum

Producer: Luke Goodrum

Co Producers: Jane Yatsuta & Darren Skulsky (Radioaktive Film)

Exec Producer: Lucas A Ferrara

Associate Producer: Richard Martin

Casting: Georgia Topley at Des Hamilton Casting

Cinematographer: James Blann – jamesblanndop.co.uk

Production Designer: Kelly Sinclair Smith – instagram.com/studiosinclairsmith/

Costumer Designer: Sophie O’Neill – sophie-oneill.com

Make Up Designer: Michelle Hutley

Grade: Toby Tomkins / Cheat It – cheatit.co

VFX: Seb Barker / Automatik – automatik-vfx.com

Sound: Ines Adriana – inesadriana.com

Music: Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres – ah-a.co.uk

Unit Manager: Sara Fawsitt

1st AD: Wayne Bentley

PM: Claire Adcock


This is Vanity  

Director: Oliver Goodrum / www.olivergoodrum.com

Writer: Alexander Craig / http://www.alexander-craig.com

Director of Photography: Justin Brown / www.justinbrowndp.com

Producer: Rob Leonard

Exec Prod: James Goodrum & Luke Jacobs

Production Company: Friend London / http://friendlondon.tv

Editor: Simon Halsall / http://m-s-halsall.blogspot.co.uk

Composer: Leslie Quarcoopome

Production Designer: Regina Sinatra