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2nd November 2020
This spot gets our vote
Title of film: Win America Back PAC, Interview 2020 - Would you hire Trump?
Director: Andrew Laurich
Good morning Monday, yes the world is still here. The day before Terrifying Tuesday when the USA counts its election votes we bring you an ad that spells out the truth of the incumbent boss of America

Directed apparently with a budget of $2000 and loads of favours, this spot is made through the political action committee,  Win America Back PAC  which “is dedicated to creating simple, clear, cinematic ads that cut through Trump’s fog of disinformation and restore the clarity of reality.

We see every Trump supporter or undecided voter as a loved one who is in danger and needs our help. Most political messaging is a negative assault on your senses. Our ads are stories of empathy, of tragedy and redemption, fighting misinformation with meaning.”



Andrew Laurich website

Writers: Andrew Laurich & Gabriel Miller
Director: Andrew Laurich
Editor: Andrew Laurich
Producers: Ben Rosenblatt, Michael Silver, Micho Rutare
Cast: Zabeth Russell