22nd April 2020
Soaring spirit
Title of film: Thys & Amon Tobin, Letter from St. Anthony's
Director: Franck Trebillac
Production Company: FRK Studio
Shot just before full lockdown, director Franck Trebillac collaborated with performance artist Tom Heyes to create this stunning music video shot on the south downs for Amon Tobin and Thys' track Letter From St Anthony

Tom Heyes


There is something very resonant about the feeling of isolation – was this made in the time of covid-19?

This was the last shoot we managed to pull just before going into full confinement. It was a very strange day, the whole crew had a lot on their minds, the streets of Brighton were empty and there was a real tension in the air. It feels very ironic that the film is very much about the need of freedom.


How did the narrative come about – did you collaborate with Amon Tobin & Thys? 

It was the first idea that came to my mind whilst listening to the track for the first time. I find that when ideas come in that naturally they tend to be the right ones. Also the music is so inspiring that it was an easy trigger for creativity.


There’s a perfect fusion with the pacing of the film and the music as if the music was written for the film – how did they both marry up so well?

Your question is very flattering. To me the goal of a music video is to mirror the emotions of the music and translate it visually to the exact same tone. The pacing of the edit has a great role to play in that sense, but I’m also a (failed) musician so this comes in very naturally.


What was behind your decision to shoot in b&w?

The atmosphere of the track was calling for it. From the start I had a very clear vision of what I wanted and it had to be black and white.


Was everything detailed and storyboarded in pre-production? 

Yes, all the usual process.


What was the most challenging aspect of the production?

The first one would be carrying a very heavy trampoline for miles through the south downs. The second one would be for Tom to jump on it up and down for hours, naked on a very cold and windy day.


How are you spending your days in lockdown? Is there anything in particular that has inspired you, captivated your imagination?

Juggling too many balls and trying not to go mad! I’ve got two young kids that are two tornadoes of energy, so I’m splitting my days between trying to keep them busy and catching up with work.



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