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30th March 2019
Merci Agnès Varda
The most magnificent role model for every female filmmaker has passed away. With love, we show again Agnès Varda’s film for Miu Miu which we published two years ago in a female-directed showcase of stories about gritty, independent, head-strong, beautiful, witty females - which perfectly sums her up. Still making movies last year at 90 we will miss her wit, warmth and wisdom dearly.

Agnès Varda

Miu Miu, Wild Tales

From April 25, 2017

Ten years ago Agnes Varda had an exhibition at the Cartier Foundation of her specially-created photography, films, and installations which were so inventive, humane and funny we caught Eurostar back to Paris the following weekend to see it all over again. That’s when she was 78.

89 next month, Varda is still the best and just as sharply relevant as she was when she shot her first New Wave movie at 25 – just take a look at this enchanting Wild Tale for Miu Miu which she wrote and directed.

Agnes Varda is the Queen of storytelling about women and girls who like to live on their own terms. She’s so cool, we’re surprised Somesuch hasn’t signed her yet.