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29th January 2018
Out of Africa
Title of film: Ebony, Hustle ft Brella
Director: Mickey Johnson
Production Company: PicPlus
Some say twerking originates from centuries-old West African dances and we certainly wouldn’t dispute that after watching young Ghanaian director Mickey Johnson’s reel

We love your crazy twerking, street dancing video for Ebony. What was the biggest challenge of the shoot? How did you get everyone on board or did crowds come together naturally?

My biggest challenge was getting everyone together since we had limited time to finish the shoot but we still pulled it off hahaha. Ebony is a big artist and so everyone around showed love and we were so grateful.

Did you do the effects and edit as well?


How long have you been directing?

It’s been four years down the line since I started directing professionally. 

Briefly describe your childhood please.

My childhood was never a boring one because I had all the toys in the world to play with. I started shooting in 2009, I use to reshoot already made music videos and show them to my friends in high school so I guess that’s where I discovered myself.

What’s the music scene like in Ghana? Is the film and music scene based in Accra?

The music and film scene in Ghana keeps growing and advancing  each day. The scene is not only based in Accra but in other regions too but because Accra is the capital and the biggest place for the entertainment business most people move here after they have made it big in other regions.
Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m currently the youngest director in Ghana and also the CEO of Picplus Entertainment and Africanboy Worldwide  (which is a music label). I’m also a songwriter.