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21st November 2017
Run for life
Title of film: Sick Kids, All In
Director: Mark Zibert
Production Company: Imperial Woodpecker / Rogue
Rogue director Mark Zibert talks about the collaborative process of filming a children's stampede in his latest campaign for the hospital Sick Kids

It must have been a complete nightmare directing hordes of children in a chaotic run through the streets, over the buildings, everywhere… was it?

Main challenge: Try not to send kids to hospital when making ad for hospital.

In all honesty, we had a great AD and Stunts department who managed safety to a tee. No injuries on set, and all the kids and families really enjoyed themselves. In fact the hospital considers the making of the films a therapeutic experience for the kids and families.

Some of the performances look as if you couldn’t script them – did quite a bit of the finished film evolve in the edit?

Most of the beats were scripted, but we had a few falls/wipeouts which were not anticipated and of course we had to use them.

What attracted you to this particular charity?

Good cause, good creative, good people.

I’ve been shooting for Sick Kids for the past five years. I’ve spent many weeks if not months at the hospital working closely with staff and families. It’s impossible to describe in words how special the hospital is. Beyond working for an incredible cause, it’s also amazing to work with the hospital marketing team as well as the agency on great creative. The process is very collaborative.

It looks mega budget, and yet it’s a charity ad so we’re assuming the budget wasn’t too huge.

Not a big budget. But lots of big hearts from crew to post stepping up to make things happen with little or no money.

Where are you based now – are you dividing your time between Europe and the States?

Live in Toronto. Writing from Cape Town. My time divided between wherever the jobs go…


SickKids, All In

VP, Brand Strategy and Communications –Lori Davidson Director, Intergrated Brand Marketing –Kate Torrance Manager, Marketing –Tina Tieu
Associate Director–Lisa Charendoff
Coordinator –Madeline Salerno
Cossette –Agency
Chief Executive Officer –Carlos Moreno Chief Executive Officer –Peter Ignazi Creative Director –Craig McIntosh Creative Director –Jaimes Zentil
VP, Brand Director –Michelle Perez
Group Account Director –Melissa Levenberg Account Director –Daniel Dolen
Account Coordinator –Maggie Kent Producer –Dena Thompson

Skin and Bones Film Company –
Production & Offline

Director –Mark Zibert
Executive Producer -Liane Thomas
Producer –Rita Popielak
1st AD –Eric Kaskens
2nd Unit 1st AD –Conor O’Brien
Talent Coordinator –Ellie Winston
2nd AD –Jason Bourke
AD Dept –Tessla Stuckey, Chavin Martel, Lize, Meghan Rennie, Alex, Zach Trainee AD –Terra Joy McNerthney
Production Supervisor –Simon Dragland
Production Coordinator –Chelsea Strachan
Location Manager –John Dranski
DP –Chris Mably
Photographer –Sandy Pereira
1st AC –A Cam –Marc Pierce
1st Ac –B Cam –Mike Dawson
C Cam Shooter –Marco Baldonado
Drone Pilot/Movi –Matt Bujok, Will Johnson
A Cam 2nd –Jacques Branch
B Cam 2nd –Johann
Gaffer –George Petras
B.B. Electric –Will, Shon Christian
Electric –Frank Lambera
Equipment Manager –Mike Chase
Key Grip –Rico Emerson
Art Director –Jay Pooley
Buyer –Katherine Salnek
Key Props –Tony Massey
2nd Props –Eli Roberton

FX Key –Brendan Krick
Stylist –Kate Day
Assistant Stylist –Allie Yonick
Hair & Makeup –Cathyann Cuthbert Asst H/M-U –Heather Fox
VTR Operator –Scott Wylie
Data Management –Joe Kicak, Baha Nurlybayev
Production Assistants –Trevor Evoy, Chuck MacIntosh, Dan Pace, TJ Bruyea, Steve Brockerville, Austin Martin, Parker Elgie, Alexander Brown, Mitch Flett
Craft Service –Jane Spence
Asst Craft Service Autumn Weimer
Catering –P&D Catering, FEEDME, Cherry St BBQ
Camera –Affiliated Equipment Casting –Jigsaw Casting Craft Service –FEEDME
FX Support –Laird FX Motorhome –Ecotrailer Process –Technicolour
Prod. Supplies –Whites LES
VTR –Master Control
Walkies –Total Two Way
Safety Team-Dan Iaboni, Derek Barnes
Docu Photographer –Tricia Zaremba and Ryan Faist
Editor –Marka Rankovic
Junior Editor –Warren Goodwin Assistant Editor –Frank Barreira
Post Production Producer –Tanja Harney
SNDWRX –Music & Audio
Creative Director -Didier Tovel
Executive Producer- Alison Lawie Engineer and Sound Design -Didier Tovel Engineering Assistant -Kenneth Lo
a52 –Transfer, VFX & Finishing
VFX Supervisor: Jesse Monsour
Lead Flame: Jesse Monsour
Flame Artists: Richard Hirst, Michael Vaglienty, Michael Plescia
CG: Adam Newman, Manny Guizar, Jun Kim, Tom Briggs, Phiphat Pinyosophon, Dustin Mellum, Josh Dyer, Michael Cardenas, Michael Bettinardi, Joe Chiechi
Matte Painter: Heather Abels Raymond
VFX Producer: Drew Rissman
Conform/Delivery: Gabe Sanchez
Colorist: Paul Yacono
Senior Color Producer: Jenny Bright
Color Assist: Christopher Riley
Executive Producers: Kim Christensen, Patrick Nugent
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall