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18th September 2017
Deep waters
Title of film: A cage for Voices
Director: Tom Dale
Tonight at the midnight hour Random Acts will be showing artist - filmmaker Tom Dale's intriguing film A Cage For Voices. We're thrilled to bring you a sneak preview...

“The depths of the ocean are probed by a voice looking to understand the significance of a series of objects that fall through the water from the surface above. Both compelling and disorientating, the water is at once a place of dreamlike, cosmic wonder and dark menace,” says filmmaker Tom Dale.

“The film was Shot in Izmir, Turkey, the main departure point for Syrian refugee’s heading to the Greek Islands. The narration constantly shifts the sense of who is speaking, from ‘I’ to ‘We’ to ‘They’. The fine balance between the words, images and sound design is intended to support and question just what it is we are seeing. Is this a voice speaking on behalf of an individual or a group ?

“The text is read by Anne M Wagner who is an eminent Art historian and theorist. Anne’s voice at the beginning is more detached and yet by the end is emotional. It was important for me that it was a mature woman voice, rather than my own, as some how that allowed me to write in such a way that the words felt as though they were coming from across the Atlantic Ocean. The text I wrote over a couple of months, slowly adding parts and changing sections, especially once I knew Anne was going to read it.”


Tom Dale

Represented by Copperfield Gallery