2nd May 2017
Free The Bitch Part 2
In association with Free the Bid, we bring you our second part of our showcase of female directors’ work that we love.


Maison The Faux – Chubby Chaiser

Production company: Halal

I like rummaging around Amsterdam-based Halal’s roster because there’re always some hidden gems like this CG film in photographer Olya Oleinic’s portfolio. It’s part of an on-going collaboration with creative studio cum faux fashion house Maison The Faux and is backed by a DJ Tawan track. The Russian-born artist should definitely bring her distinctive eye to more moving image work.



Production company: Stink Films

Chiara Grabmayr wrote and directed her stunning short film, Moonjourney, about the European migrant crisis while she was a student at the Munich Film School. She cleverly manages to engage us in a fantasy story until revealing the mortifying reality of the situation. The young Austrian filmmaker’s film first came to our attention at the Porsche International Student Advertising Film Award which subsequently won her a signing to Stink Films.


Moonlandingz, The Strangle Of Anna

Production company: Somesuch

The 1.4 crowned life-time achievement award winner for staying-forever-relevant, Dawn Shadforth, never ceases to amaze with her originality and ability to get 100% inside our psyches with her videos. Our favourite anthem to altered states, Dawn’s Infinity Ink’s Infinity, was only eclipsed when she shot the rave masterpiece for Hurts, Lights. Her latest for Moonlandingz introduces us to what we’ve always known we were missing: fried egg titties.


Dream Magazine, Wet

Production company: Malditos and Colonel Blimp

New girl on the block with a great sensorial eye for crafting her stories, Nur Casadevall is signed to production companies Malditos in Barcelona and, now, Colonel Blimp in London. Along with her latest film Wet, take a look at this trailer for her short film Lina which shows off Nur’s talent for framing. Exquisite.


Barbie, Dads Who Play Barbie

Production companies: Thomas Thomas and Slim Pictures

Karen Cunningham is the mother of all directors for crafting brilliant performances from children although I’m sure she’d be brilliant at doing a car ad too given half the chance. She learnt her craft inside out, from being an agency account manager, producer to running her own production company before becoming a director at Thomas Thomas in UK and Slim in the States. Her online films, Imagine The Possibilities and the more recent Dads Who Play Barbie have turned the perception of Barbie on her coiffed head.


Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, No Love Like Yours

Production company: Anonymous Content

Reed Morano had already made a name for herself as a cinematographer when she shot and directed her first short film Meadowlands two years ago, starring Olivia Wilde. Morano has since gone on to direct tv series, commercials and features while also continuing to work as a DP. It was this music video for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros that caught my eye – Morano shot it while Olivia Wilde directed it. We like that too: a divergence of shared skills and taking turns at being captain.