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7th December 2016
High jumps
Title of film: Jain, Makeba
Director: Greg&Lio
Production Company: Art Bridge (part of Quad)
Greg&Lio have come up with another multi-layered cracker for French artist Jain’s latest track Makeba, working out of Quad Productions’ new creative platform Art Bridge. We talk with the duo about merging music video with fashion and street art.

Greg&Lio’s music video for Jain’s “Makeba” marks the first production out of Quad’s new collaborative creative platform Art Bridge whose focus is on creating multi-dimensional content – including films, installations, events and experiences.

For this Greg&Lio project, Art Bridge brought together French designer Agnès b., who created two original dresses, The Perfect Storm, a Pantsula dance crew from Soweto (Johannesburg), renowned French street artist L’Atlas for the design of Jain’s sampler podium, and also features South African artists Karabo Poppy and the street artist R1.

We like that combination very much.

Greg, Black and White is the running theme, or should we say Black and White squared, jumping, dancing, singing….. please tell us what the original brief was and how you evolved it.

Yep, black and white was an important thing for Lionel and me for this music video.  Mainly because we wanted to keep the spirit of the first music video that we directed for Jain (Come) and to keep the continuity of her character. Black and white really suits her and reflects the “contrasted” girl she is. She has been living and travelling in many countries so she’s absorbed many different cultures. 
And one more thing: black and white works very well with the very graphical aesthetic we love.

You’ve worked with Jain previously, how does the collaborative process work between you?

It’s always easy and a real pleasure to work with her. Jain is smart and she trusts us a lot. So we have a relationship based on that trust and that let us a lot of space to work on all the artistic points. And if she is not sure about something, we just talk about it. Very easy.

Tell us about the shoot in Johannesburg – was it all plain sailing, any major challenges?

A shoot is always full of little changes, adaptations etc. But mainly we managed to shoot almost everything we wanted and how we wanted, even the Zebra for the ending scene. W even got lucky we even managed to film a giraffe. Everything was possible thanks to the amazing job of the production (Art Bridge \ Quad Group), Wink the service production and the wonderful South African crew that we had.

Anything else you’d like to share?

One more time… thank you to everybody who helped us to make this crazy project possible. And it was an awesome opportunity to work with South African artists like the Pantsulas dancers from Perfect Storm and the graffiti artist Karabo Poppy.



Jain, Mikaba Directors : Greg & Lio Dance crew :  The Perfect Storm  Podium stand : L'Atlas (Artwork) Olivier Bassuet (Design) Benoit Revilliod (3D modelisation)  Post-Producteur : Christelle Prud'homme Superviseur : Kevin Berger Flame Artiste :  Johannes Bellarosa 2D : Diego Giunta, Maxime Servoise, Aurélie Lafitte Assistant monteur : Antoine Guibert, Bastien Perez, Cecil Cahen, John Sanz Bueno