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29th April 2016
Feedback looping
Title of film: DJ NK, Feedback
Director: Margot Bowman
Digital artist Margot Bowman (Ridley Scott Associate’s Design & Animation) teams up with collective Rig Out and producer DJ NK to map out the creative energy of Lisbon street dancers

Working with Portuguese Kuduro producer DJ NK, digital artist Margot Bowman teamed up with creative collective The Rig Out to track the movements of a group of Lisbon-based street dancers wearing Converse Chucks fitted with motion sensors. The data was collated and used to create an abstract music video by Margot Bowman for DJ NK.

Using custom design software, Margot’s artwork is animated by the collated data in relation to pre-programmed behaviours. The extent to which it carries out these behaviours is defined by the motion of the dancers – so the movement of the dancers animates the artwork.

To quote Margot Bowman: “Feedback is a project about the feedback loop between creative ideas, technology and creative expression. Through Feedback I want to bring to life this transfer of expression and creative energy by mapping the movement of creative energy across mediums.”

Director:  Margot Bowman Production Company:  Black Dog Films Executive Producer:  Katie Dolan In Association with:  The Rig Out Cameraman:  James Bowthorpe Music: DJ NK