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8th February 2016
Blow up
Title of film: Scooter, Oi
Director: Paul Gerwien
Production Company: Bears Calling
Quick chat with German collective Bears Calling about trying to get Sky Dancers to behave for director Paul Gerwien's latest video

How did the idea of appropriating Sky Dancers to fit this crazy track come about?

Skydancers always had a special fascination to us. We were talking a lot about doing a choreography with them and then the Scooter Track came up and we thought now is the right time.

The Scooter guys were hooked by the idea and so we started layouting the three skydancers immediately.

Was everything pre-planned meticulously before the shoot?

We pre-planned everything, but shoot day was a whole different story.

The different set ups were really time consuming so we had to do a lot of the planned shots on the fly in order to get all the coverage we needed.

The main challenge was time as always. We could only shoot one day in this old factory and rehearsing with these almost 7m high skydancers was a pain in the ass.

As no one really knew how to work with a skydancer a lot of the stuff in rehearsals was trial and error. We had so many moves we wanted to do, but a lot of them just did not work.

Tell us please about the choreography – anything in particular that the choreographer had to bare in mind considering it was blow-up puppets dancing?

The difficulty was to leave the natural movement of the skydancers and combine this with some well known dances like twerking etc..

Anything else you’d like to share?

Scooter is a well known band not only in Germany. They are in the business since 1993 and sold more than 30million albums so far.

Production Company: Bears Calling
Executive Producer: Anna Honerlagen
Creative: Christian „Kidde” Schuck, Javier Suarez-Argueta, Paul Gerwien
Director: Paul Gerwien
DoP: Max Hoever
Editor: Jacob Ipsen
Grading: Benedikt Hugendubel @Slaughterhouse Berlin
Producer: Leo Hille
Art Director: Eugenio Perazzo