5th August 2015
It’s time to show off…

1.4 is looking for the very best new short form filmmakers IN THE WORLD to be honoured in the inaugural 1.4 Show and Party to be held in Shoreditch on 17 September 2015.

The 1.4 Show establishes a new benchmark for our industry and the talent that makes it so vibrant by introducing a real alternative to current awards – there are no categories, no judging panels, the films simply have to be fantastic and made by the sharpest, smartest new directors.

If your work is shortlisted it will be seen by thousands of 1.4 followers including leading international producers and creatives in a special online showcase.

The only criteria is that the work – whether it be a music video, commercial or short film – is less than six minutes long and was made over the past year. It may be live action, animation or CGI work; factual, fiction, or fashion – and the director could be a student still, or may have been directing for a couple of years or so.

We’ve tried to keep the entry fees and price of tickets to The 1.4 Show as low as possible at the same time wanting to make a wonderful event. We are also very grateful to our lovely partners – Furlined, Caviar, Landia, Watermill and Mill+ – who are helping us to create this celebration of short-form filmmaking that will rock your socks off.

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Tickets for the 1.4 Show here

If you have any queries please talk to us on events@onepointfour.co.

The image above was taken with kind permission from Ethan Berger’s Burbank video for Harriet.