21st October 2014
Six of the best creative music videos – part 2
Title of film: Andy C Feat Fiora, Heartbeat Loud
Director: Wilkins & Maguire
Production Company: Stink
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Andy C Feat Fiora, Heartbeat Loud directed by Wilkins & Maguire, Stink

Lonely The Brave, The Blue, The Green directed by Greg Davenport, Bold

Monster Magnet, The Duke directed and created by Phil Mucci, Diabolik

Electric Youth, Runaway directed by Noel Paul, Friend

Kasabian, Stevie directed by Ninian Doff, Pulse

Saint Raymond, I Want You directed by Niall O’Brien, Academy/A+


Andy C Feat Fiora, Heartbeat

Director: Wilkins & Maguire

Production Company: Stink

Executive Producer: Jon Chads

Executive Producer: Blake Powell

Producer: Lundi Shackleton

Commisioner: Marisa Garner Associates

Production Services: Fictionary Films, Jakarta

Executive Producer: Sakti Parantean

Line Producer: Yanita “Dani” Moerdani

Line Producer: Novel Silaban

Director Of Photography: Sy Turnbull

Editor: David Stevens

Edit Producer: Daniel Breheny

Editing Company: The Assembly Rooms

Post Production Company: Electric Theatre Collective

Post Producer: James Drew

Post Producer: Olivia Jessop

Colourist: Houmam Abdallah

Label: Atlantic


Lonely The Brave, The Blue, The Green

Director: Greg Davenport

Producer: Tina Pawlik

1st AD: Dan Gibling

Director of Photography: Patrick Meller

Focus Puller: Jeff Vine

2nd AC: Alex Finlayson

Gaffer: Nathan Matthews

Grip: Tom Pittman

Wardrobe: Emily Jerman

Editor: Chris Roebuck

Editing company: Cut & Run

Colourist: Edwin Metternich

Grading company: Framestore

Production: BOLD

Executive Producer: Oli Hammerton

Production Manager: Sarah Aranda-Garzon

Production Assistant: Carl Rock

Director’s Representation: OBmanagement

Commissioner: Dan Millar


Monster Magnet, The Duke

Directed and created by Phil MucciProducers: Ian Mackay and Phil Mucci

Production company: Diabolik Films

Shot by Phil Mucci and Jeff Speed

Miniatures designed and built by Chris Speed

Hand-drawn claw animation: Nick “The Hat” Gucker

Associate producers: Bev Mucci, Dan Simpson, and Dave Wyndorf

Production assistant: Alexander Patsos


Electric Youth, Runaway

Director: Noel PaulProducer: George RouhanaAD: Daniel BalabaneAC: Nabil AssafArt Director: Sabine SabbaghStylist: Pascale ChnaissProduction Assistant: Marc NassifSound Recordist: Joe SalloumColorist: Belal Hibri


Kasabian, Stevie

Director: Ninian Doff

Producer: Rik Green

Production Company: Pulse Films

Exec Producer: Zak Razvi

Production Manager: Max Horn

1st AD: Sascha Nixon

2nd AD: Jonathon Sidwell

DP: Steve Annis

Focus Puller: Mike Linforth

Steadicam: Thomas English

Gaffer: Lee Parfet

Art Director: Joel Rock

Make-up: Danie Farrington

Stylist: Nil Tomakan

Seamstress: Chloe Holland

Runners: Inshra Russell, Spencer Wilson, Tom Wynnborne & Ben Saunders.

Editor: Leo King @ Homespun

Colourist: Paul Harrison @ Finish

Online VFX: Andy Copping

Post production Producer: Cheryl Payne

Casting: Hannah Simons

Directors Rep: Joceline Gabriel

Saint Raymond, I Want You

Producer: Liz Kessler

Production Company: Academy/ A+

Director of Photography: Michael Ragen

US Producer : Muji Mohammed

Editor: Simon Hargood

Editing Company: The Assembly Rooms

Flame: Adam Watson

Post Production Company: Electric Theatre Collective

Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss

Grading Company: Electric Theatre Collective

Commissioner: Dan Curwin

Commissioner: Callum Caulfield