10th June 2014
First Division
Title of film: Nike Football
Director: Jon Saunders
Production Company: Passion
Out of all the World Cup videos, Passion director Jon Saunders' animated film for Nike has caught our imagination like no other...

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Let’s kick off with some statistics: Part of W+K’s Nike #riskeverything campaign, Passion director Jon Saunders’ animated The Last Game took over seven months to make, involved over 300 people (including 101 artists and 25 animators), 3.6 million man-minutes were worked by the production team and the film comprises over 20k GB of data.

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And now to ease your way through the narrative here’s a synposis:

The Last Game stars some of the world’s greatest footballers on a mission to save football from the hands of a villainous mastermind, The Scientist.

The Scientist – a suave, smooth operating genius – has been analyzing the game for years. He is dismissive of the audacious risks that the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Neymar Jr. take on the pitch. His research, which includes the claim that Ibrahimovic’s overhead kicks have a 76 percent chance of missing, leads him to create The Clones, automatons programmed to remove all risk-taking and focus only on efficiency, decision-making and results.

Following the opening scene, where The Scientist introduces The Clones, we witness the dulling effect of their style of play on the world of football. Brilliant football ceases to exist and the game becomes almost extinct. With the real players now leading “normal” lives, Brasilian legend Ronaldo (O Fenómeno) decides enough is enough and goes on a mission to reignite the game with brilliant football from the re-assembled group of the world’s most brilliant players.

He rescues a dejected Zlatan from a bookstall outside a stadium, leaving copies of I AM ZLATAN behind. Cristiano Ronaldo, now relegated to life as a window mannequin, is snatched by his namesake from the SPORT-U-GAL shop window. Iniesta’s life as a farmer is over before you can say Magista. Neymar and David Luiz’s new careers as hairdressers are cut short as El Fenómeno nabs them, and Wayne Rooney’s stint as a fisherman washes up when he’s bundled into the back of a van.

Once together, O Fenómeno manages to convince the skeptical Players with a stirring speech about beating The Clones. To remove any doubts, the Brasilian legend reminds them of some of their own greatest moments as they walk the stairs of his secret location.
The world’s attention turns to the showdown between The Players and The Clones to determine the future of football.


Global Creative Directors Alberto Ponte, Ryan O’Rourke
Digital Director Dan Viens
Copywriter Alberto Ponte
Art Director Ryan O’Rourke
Global Executive Producer Matt Hunnicutt
Agency Senior Producer Erika Madison
Production Assistant Julie Gursha
Head of Production Ben Grylewicz
Account Team Alyssa Ramsey, Molly Rugg, Ricardo Hieber, Karrelle Dixon
Business Affairs Manager Karen Crossley
Project Manager Jordan Schroeder
Executive Creative Directors Joe Staples, Susan Hoffman

Production Company Passion
Director Jon Saunders
Writers Jon Saunders, James Russell, Kevin Cecil, Steven Hall, Lucy Guy
Development Creative Director Pete Candeland
Executive Producers Andrew Ruhemann, Alex Webster
Producer Ryan Goodwin-Smith
Line Producer Adriana Piasek-Wanski
Animation Director Mark Waring
Editors Paul La Calandra (via Whitehouse), Victoria Lesiw
Storyboard Artist Brendan Houghton
Football Choreography Consultant Andy Ansah
VFX Supervisor Neil Riley
CG Supervisor Cesar Nunes
Art Direction Painting Practice, Cesar Nunes
Production Designer Dan May (via Painting Practice)
Previz Lead Xavier Zahra
Character Supervisor Alex Huguet
Environments Modelling Supervisor Ian Brown
Animation Lead Conor Ryan
FX Supervisor Jamie Franks
L&R Lead Christian Mills, Arnoud Machtou
Matte Painting Lead Rafael Martin Coronel (via Painting Practice)

Editorial Company Joint Editorial
Editor Peter Wiedensmith
Post Producer Ryan Shanholtzer / Alex Thiesen
Music Editor Nicholas Davis
Lead Assistant Editor Eric Hill
Assistant Editor Alyssa Coates
Post Executive Producer Patty Brebner

Finishing Glassworks
Colourist Duncan Russell
Smoke Artist Aleks Ugarow
Executive Producer Misha Stanford-Harris
Titles/Graphics WK Motion / WK Studio

Music Company Walker
Composer Judson Crane
Executive Producer Sara Matarazzo
Music Coordinator Abbey Hickman
Licensed Track Miss Alissa, Eagles of Death Metal

Sound + Mix Company 750mph
Sound Designer / Mixer Sam Ashwell
Executive Producer Sam Robinson