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17th March 2014
Loud Like Love
Title of film: Placebo, Loud Like Love
Director: Saman Kesh
Production Company: 890 Productions, Skunk
Saman Kesh’s sexy poolside saga for Brit band Placebo continues the intrigue of mishaps narrated by Bret Easton Ellis

Saman Kesh’s latest promo for Placebo, Loud Like Love, echoes his earlier Too Many Friends film that the Stink director created for the Brit band last year (see in Related Content).

The video again features the voice of American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis who reveals another unfortunate sequence of events – this time at a sexy swinger’s 1960s pool party. While abundant explanations are offered by Ellis at the end of the saga, an open-ended answer also allows the audience to deduce its own answers to the sexy poolside saga.

The promo was shot on location in Granada Hills, CA with the Phantom Flex camera to capture the slow-motion footage of the brief, but intense, five-second event.

We catch up with director on his latest project:

How did this video come about – it’s a sequel to the Too Many Friends video, did the idea to do another one come from the band?

The band and I always had the notion of a tryptic trilogy that dealt with social interactions across three times.

Is it difficult to do another video around the same theme? How do you keep the ideas fresh?

Too Many Friends was about the isolationist future we could possibly live in. In Loud Like Love, we show a time that was almost the exact opposite. In the late 60’s, it was a time of sexual revolution and almost “too much” interaction. 

To keep the idea fresh from TMF, it was essentially about focusing deeper into our main characters and their relations to one another. On top of that, we wanted the feel of the video to be more invitational, poppy and overall “fun”, which would make sense with the time period.

How was it to work with Bret Easton Ellis again?

Bret is a champ. He has become the voice of these videos, and there isn’t a better person to really put the cherry on top our cake. The process was essentially like working with an actor, and Bret embodied the “unreliable narrator” with flying psychedelic colors!

What else are you working on at the moment?

I’m finishing up a spot I shot in India, and gearing up for a music video that may land us in an exotic country. I also have a couple of narrative offences brewing as well.


Placebo, Loud Like Love

Director:   Saman Kesh

Production Company: 890 Productions – in association with Skunk

EP: Matt Factor

Producer: Jason Colon

Video Commissioner: John Moule

DP: Isaac Bauman

Production Design: Jason Kisvarday

Editor: Mandy Brown

VFX Supervisor: Chad Goei

Phantom Tech: Nick Savander

Art Director: Kelsi Ephraim

Set Decorator: Ali Rubinfeld

Set Decorator: Madelyn Kime

Sound: John Rampey

Colorist: Derek Hansen

Narrator: Bret Easton Ellis


Placebo, Too Many Friends

Written & Directed by: Saman Kesh / @ghibli303
Narrated by: Bret Easton Ellis / @BretEastonEllis

Co-Writer: Nate Eggert
Producer: Sarah Park
Cinematographer: Isaac Bauman
Art Director: Jason Kisvarday
Wardrobe: Michelle Thompson
Editors: Mandy Brown & Saman Kesh
Makeup: Karina Moore
Graphics: Sean Chang
Visual FX: Chad Goei (Glow Gun)
Colorist: Derek Hansen (MPC)
Assistant Director: Howard Butler
Executive Producer: Ross Levine
Additional Graphics: Mindy Benner
Commissioner: John Moule
Rep: Joceline Gabriel
Label: Universal Music Group

1st AC: Erin Douglas
2nd AC: Rachel Fox
Phantom Tech: Drew Lauer
Set Decorator: Kelsi Ephraim
Set Dresser: Ali Rubinfeld
Wardrobe Asst: Mikes Gamms, Eryn Branch
Makeup Asst: Celeste Antione
Band Stylist: Corban Poorboy
Stylist Asst: Caroline MacAllister
Band Groomer: Candice Birns
Band Makeup Asst: Bethany McCarty