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6th February 2014
Dream a little crazy
Title of film: Architecture in Helsinki 'Dream a Little Crazy'
Director: Lucy McRae
Production Company: Loop.pH
Body architect Lucy McRae's latest music video is a 'surreal candy–coloured–scientific–circus' for Australian band ARchitecture of Helsinki. See Making of and stills in Related Content

This production, like your others (see here), feels major. The narrative, the sets, the filming and editing are all complicated.
Did you collaborate with Architecture in Helsinki on the production or did they simply yield to your direction?

Cameron (the band’s lead vocalist) emailed me out of the blue saying he had seen my work and had never known who was making it; embarrassed when he discovered I was Australian and only just making the connection.

Being an AIH fan, I was thrilled. The band had no strict guidelines, wanting me to visually interpret the song ‘Dream A Little Crazy’ looking for something fun, surreal and absurd. The only underpinning was that the video have a strong synergy with the album artwork by Santtu who makes delicious, dripping, candy–coloured analog textures in 3D!

I was doing an art residency at the Limewharf (a cultural innovation hub) directed by creative strategist and speculative designer Thomas Ermacora and we were exploring the notions around epiphany and black swan theory with Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl, the master minds behind spatial laboratory loop.Ph. I took the plunge, said yes to Cameron and brought my gang on board to test our approach to the anomaly theory!

We love your quote: Dream a Little Crazy is a happiness filled tune crafted for a generation of anti-gloom futurists. We can feel an entire anti-gloom movement about to happen don’t you think?

I have to say I adopt a rather anti–gloom approach in general. I think that technology and the speed it is evolving is forcing us to redefine our boundaries and limitations which is a good thing, and if we do this with the anti–gloom sun shades on – then it’s gonna be bright!

Australia, Europe, the World… where are you currently based?

London AND loving it!

Lucy McRae


Director – Lucy McRae
Art Director – Rachel Wingfield
Creative Technical Director – Mathias Gmachl
Narrative + Strategist – Thomas Ermacora
Producer – Loop.pH

Director of Photography – Leandro Santini + Dan Lowe
Co Editors – Leandro Santini + Dan Lowe

Visual Effects – Rainer Stolle
3D Body Scan – Brad Marmion
Visual Effects Assistant – Realexis Christofides
Production Designer – James Tattersall
1st Assistant Director – Frank Verkade
Production Assistant – Tamsin Vibert
Biological Bakery Logo – Warren Taylor
Costume – Cameron Bird

Art Department
Serhan Ahmet
Khedidja Benniche
Lesley-Ann Daly
Dan Lowe
April Shergold
Aoife O’Sullivan

Production Design Assistants
Joe Bond
Georgina Norris

Dr Bird – Cameron Bird
Twinned Assistants – Andrew Savage + Nick Savage