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11th December 2013
Six of the best creative music videos
Title of film: Lana Del Rey, Tropico
Director: Anthony Mandler
Production Company: Black Hand Cinema
Here's your mid-week dose of drugs, sex, violence and wonderment - all beautifully produced and shot of course

Lana del Rey, Tropico directed by Anthony Mandler, Black Hand Cinema

Lorde, Team directed by Young Replicant

Metric, Lost Kitten directed by Sammy Rawal, Believe Media

David Bowie, I’d Rather Be High directed by Tom Hingston, Black Dog films

Thugli, Run This directed by Amos Le Blanc and Ohji Inoue

Little Daylight, Overdose directed by Special Problems, Sweet Shop


Lana del Rey, Tropico

Production Company: Black Hand Cinema

Director:Anthony Mandler (also repped by Believe Media)
Executive Producer: Heather Heller
DP: Dave Devlin
Production Designer: Benji Bamps
Editorial: Bonch
Editor: Jeff Selis
Color Correction: Company 3
Colorist: Tom Poole
Production Supervision: Karl Reid

Metric, Lost Kitten

Production Company: Believe Media
Director: Sammy Rawal
Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes
Producer: Jannie McInnes, Emiliano Mansilla, Rodrigo Mendoza
Talent: Sheldon McIntosh
DP: Starr Whitesides
Editor: Izzy Ehrlich @ Rooster
Color Correction: Tricia Hagoriles @ Alter Ego
Rep: OB Management
Special thanks to José Barrera & The Lift, MX


David Bowie, I’d Rather Be High
Director: Tom Hingston
Production Comp: Black Dog Films
Executive Producer: Svana Gisla
Producer: Jacob Swan Hyam
Editor:  Amanda James @ Final Cut And Owen Oppenheimer @ The Quarry
Production and clearing assistant: Stephanie Werrell-Smyth
Archive researchers: Sara Garcia Andersson, Matt Bowron, Jess Waterhouse
Grading/VFX: Markus Lehtonen & Yusuke Murakami @Tom Hingston Studio
Additional online: Electric Theatre Collective
Conform: Unit Post