22nd October 2013
Six of the best creative music videos
Title of film: Atoms for Peace, Before Your Eyes
Director: Andrew Thomas Huang
Production Company: Colonel Blimp, Good Company
Mystical, mysterious, magical and mad - there's very little sex or violence this month, what's wrong with the world?

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Atoms for Peace, Before Your Very Eyes directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, Colonel Blimp / Good Company. View the Making Of here

James Blake Feat. Chance The Rapper, Life Round Here directed by Nabil, Academy/A+

David Croll, Home directed by James Partridge, Th2ng

The Paper Kites, Young directed by Darcy Prendergast, Oh Yeah Wow

Pure Bathing Culture, Dream the Dare directed and animated by Hayley Morris

Keys N Krates, Dum Dee Dum directed by Amos LeBlanc


Atoms For Peace,  Before Your Very Eyes

Director: Andrew Thomas Huang,

Producers: Brian Welsh, Matt Marsh

Production company :Colonel Blimp, Good Company,

independent representative: Lark Creative

DoP: Laura Merians

Executive producer: Tamsin Glasson

Production designer: Rebecca Stillman

Art director: Adrian Romo,

Visual effects: James Healy


James Blake Feat. Chance The Rapper, Life Round Here  

Director: Nabil

Producer: Liz Kessler

Associate Producer:  Morgan Clement

Dop: Matyas Erdely

Edit: Julia Knight

Vfx:  Gloria Fx

Prod Co: Academy/A+ Films


David Croll, Home

Director: James Partridge
Production Company: Th2ng
Executive Producer: Hannah Cooper
Producers: Joanna Thapa & Ruth Sewell
Director of Photography: Matthew Emvin Taylor
Make Up: Mary Cuffe
Production Assistant: Lee Meredith
Editor: Hendrik Faller
Colourist: Danny Atkinson @ Th1ng
Label: Decca Records | Universal Music


The Paper Kites, Young  

Director: Darcy Prendergast

Producers: Christina Remnant, NIcky Pastore

Production company: Oh Yeah Wow

Director of photography: Oli Sansom

Editors: Mohini Herse, Sam Lewis, James Bailey, Darcy Prendergast


Pure Bathing Culture, Dream the Dare  

Director/Animator: Hayley Morris

Drawn Projections: Caleb Wood and Hayley Morris

Fabrication: Hayley Morris and Randy Bretzin

Color Correction: Evan Kultangwatana

Made with Dragonframe


Keys N Krates, Dum Dee Dum

Director: Amos LeBlanc

Documentary Director: Mike Howey
Cinematographer: Max Chin
Editor: Ohji Inoue
Producer: Joe Alonzi

Production company: Slave Labour